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All-time donations to United Way campaigns surpassed $1 billion in 2010?

Making a Difference in Communities Worldwide

Many people work in offices or factories. At UPS, we work in communities. Our drivers and other employees are among the first to see the world's homeless, under-educated and abused. They also see our future - the people who will become tomorrow's UPS drivers, programmers and customers. 

UPS employees around the world collectively donate hundreds of thousands of hours each year to philanthropic causes in their local communities through the Neighbor to Neighbor program.  Community service is also part of UPS's senior level management development program, the Community Internship Program.  And each year, thousands of UPS employees participate in the UPS Global Volunteer Month.

We all care about the communities we live and work in, but it often seems that the needs of the less fortunate are too great for one person to affect.  By promoting community service as a company-wide value, UPS and its employees transcend these limitations, harnessing our collective effort in ways that make a real difference in communities across the globe.

Volunteerism is clearly an essential component of healthy communities. In this section, you'll read how it's also a significant part of life at UPS. 


Neighbor to Neighbor

At the heart of UPS's philanthropic outreach is the Neighbor to Neighbor program. Through Neighbor to Neighbor, UPS employees organize food drives, work in soup kitchens, mentor troubled youth and help to improve impoverished communities across the U.S. and around the world. UPS’s employees also volunteer their time as members of boards of directors of nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, and lend their considerable expertise to community organizations as well.

This program mobilizes UPS employees and their families to serve as volunteers in their communities. Implemented in Atlanta in 1993 and then launched globally, the program provides UPS employees and their families hands-on volunteer opportunities where they live and work and is part of an ongoing company-wide effort to heighten awareness for community needs and promote the importance of volunteerism. The program is administered through each district's "Neighbor to Neighbor Coordinator," a UPS employee whose responsibilities include helping employees find appropriate volunteer opportunities based on their skills, interests and time availability.

In 2010, volunteers logged 1.2 million hours through the program.