UPS Integrad

We continually review, enhance, and adjust our employee programs to make sure they are serving the people who want to work for UPS.  We realized that we needed to make an adjustment when our younger drivers began to need significantly more time to become proficient, and more of them were leaving the company during their initial training period.

With the aid of a US$1.8 million grant from the Department of Labor, we studied the way young people learn in a world of video games and smart phones.  In collaboration with MIT; Virginia Tech; and the Institute of the Future, we build a high-tech, next-generation training facility called UPS Integrad.  This facility offers 3-D simulations and webcasts along with traditional classroom instruction. Trainees are recorded to show them how they look in action.  We teach them to drive in a replica outdoor city called Clarkville that has real streets, street signs, sidewalks, and simulated commercial and residential delivery and pickup sites.  The results so far include a sharp increase in driver proficiency, including a reduction in first-year injuries and accidents.