Continuous Technology

Data and measurement are cornerstones of our sustainability program. They guide our performance and support our ambitions for continuous improvement. Our report extensively details our methodology, progress and ambitions, including tracking multi-year Key Performance Metrics (KPI) and Goals. The result is more credibility for our claims and achievements.


  • Positive trends for 15 Key Performance Indicators
  • Absolute reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions from operations and purchased energy by 2.1 percent compared to 2011, even with a 2.3 percent increase in shipping volume
  • Rapid expansion of our dedicated global healthcare infrastructure to more than 6 million square feet
  • A Global Forestry initiative to plant more than 1 million trees by the end of 2013
  • Humanitarian relief efforts in 35 countries
  • Total Charitable Contributions and United Way donations of US$97.5 million, up from 2011 by US$4 million
  • 1.8 million volunteer hours donated by UPS employees and their families, a new record


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