Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability Solutions

At UPS, our ability to help customers evaluate their supply chains and build solutions for efficiencies is a competitive advantage – for us and our customers. Our portfolio of sustainability solutions helps customers – big or small – measure, manage and mitigate the impact of their trade, whether it’s around the world or just around the corner.

Carbon Impact Analysis

UPS provides carbon emissions data with industry leading accuracy and detail to help customers understand, monitor and manage their climate impacts. Based on our carbon inventory – that is, the fuel we burn within our network – we use our patented calculator to determine how many metric tons of greenhouse gases arise from customers’ shipping activity, then provide detailed emission reports broken down by mode and scope.

UPS carbon neutral Shipping

Measuring and Offsetting Emissions

How UPS carbon neutral Works

We know many of our customers want to ship more, with less impact. With UPS carbon neutral, you can offset the carbon impact of the transportation of any shipment, including envelopes, packages or even freight.

Candle Science develops, sells and distributes the raw materials used in candle making. They cater to eco-conscious customers who want natural products. So the UPS carbon neutral shipping program made good business sense in regard to appealing to their customers, and sales numbers prove the sustainable approach is paying off.

TRI-KES is a wall coverings and interior finishes business with an ambitious goal of zero environmental impact by 2020. The UPS carbon neutral shipping program is helping them reach it. Because the company ships thousands of product samples and finished products to customers each year, the program is a core strategic component of the company’s sustainability plan.

When you choose UPS carbon neutral, you’re getting results you can trust. The program has been certified by The CarbonNeutral Company and verified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).

By participating, you counterbalance the impact of your deliveries through carbon offsetting and help fund environmental projects around the world that reduce carbon emissions. The small, incremental fee paid to ship carbon neutral is then used to purchase and fund verified emission-reduction projects like the sustainable conservation of the Garcia River Forest.

UPS carbon neutral Supports The Garcia River Forest

Other UPS projects supported through our program include the Suzhou Qizi Mountain landfill gas recovery project in China and the Chol Charoen wastewater methane destruction project in Thailand.

Eco Responsible Packaging Program

There are many ways to make shipment packaging better for the environment, from choosing sustainable and reusable materials to using right-size packaging to eliminate waste. If you’re committed to using more sustainable packaging, we can help you figure out the best approach.

Best Practices for Sustainable Packaging

Through our Eco Responsible Packaging Program, we evaluate your packaging processes to determine the best way to protect your product while choosing materials that reduce your overall impact on the environment. To learn more, visit our Packaging Matters page.